Attract fresh talent to your business and recruit the best of the next generation

We help businesses efficiently attract and recruit the best of the next generation – whether it be trainees, graduates, or full-time employees.

Recruitment is more competitive than ever. Today’s youth are faced with almost unlimited possibilities when looking for a career. This requires businesses to practice positive storytelling in order to make clear the many possibilities and benefits they have to offer. Employer branding is a trend that is only increasing in importance. We help employers brand themselves in an effective way that attracts more qualified applicants.

CompanYoung walks businesses through the recruitment process, from initiation to execution of a creative attraction strategy, as well as monitoring media plans. We assist further by setting up intuitive career and event pages through our recruitment software.

How we can streamline the recruitment process

Our well-tested method ensures that the right talents find you and view your company as a preferred employer. Both strategy and execution are developed in close collaboration with each customer. Let us help you build a successful recruitment campaign!

We assist with:

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Attract, recruit, retain

We know what attracts young employees, and how they are valuable for your company. We also know how to retain them. Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more!

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