Create frameworks that ensure the well-being, learning, and retention of young people.


Young people’s experience of education and career is crucial.

There is a high demand for young talent, and once they have started their education or career, it is important for organizations to do everything possible to give them a great experience. At CompanYoung, we focus not only on successfully attracting and recruiting young talent, but also on ensuring that they thrive and develop at our clients’ organizations.

Creating a positive experience for young talent requires the right initiatives, and we help educational institutions and companies use technology to stay in touch with the needs and perceptions of young people. By gaining insight into how young people perceive pre-/onboarding, apprenticeship/internship search, education, facilities, and social aspects, we have a foundation for implementing improvement initiatives that create a better overall experience.

We help with, among other things:

  • Successful pre- and onboarding of young people
  • Planning, development, and production of digital learning
  • Selection and implementation of LMS platforms and learning technology
  • Retention strategies and projects.
  • Creation of more apprenticeship and internship positions
  • Micro-measurements and well-being projects


De 4 områder:

Pre- & Onboarding

Focus on efforts that strengthen the pre- & onboarding phase with a view to long-term retention and well-being.

Well-being & Retention

Focus on increased retention of existing students and graduates through well-being.

Learning & Development

Focus on learning and development to increase retention.


Great offboarding and focus on transition from education to job.

Frequent measurement of young people's well-being

At CompanYoung, we have developed StudentPulse, which is a tool for understanding the well-being of young people. We have asked thousands of young people about their experiences, and we know what works. We can provide advice based on national and international data insights on student well-being, but we recommend getting this insight directly from your students.

With you, we base our approach on data about what works and what can be improved. We find that the feedback/rating culture is a particularly powerful tool and often becomes the nerve center for ongoing improvements in well-being. Improvement measures can be quickly read in the young people’s feedback, and efforts can then be adjusted.

Create changes with digital learning.

Digitalization has enormous potential for both enhancing learning, creating more flexible delivery formats, and supporting sustainable operations in education.

CompanYoung can provide support with knowledge, advice, and experience with digitalization of learning processes for both educational institutions and companies. We have experience with the entire digitalization journey – from developing a digitalization strategy, choosing learning technology and platforms, breaking down competence goals and processes to producing digital learning elements. This is complemented by solid experience in project management and leadership support as well as financial insight.

To support the development of digital learning, Edura has developed Rapid Learning Planner. Rapid Learning Planner is a process tool in a game format for breaking down and developing learning processes – either physical, blended, or digital.

Focus on dropout rates and the creation of more apprenticeships.

There is also a large group of students who need help, guidance or support to find an internship/apprenticeship. A significant group is at risk of dropping out, and it can be difficult to know where to allocate guidance resources.

Screening: We create solutions that screen students before starting to see who needs guidance. The solutions are based on anonymity, but if the system can see that a student appears to benefit from talking to a counselor, we ask if they need to talk to someone.

More apprenticeships: Nudging students to start looking for an apprenticeship is effective. If they need help or are far into their education and need an apprenticeship to continue, the system can reach out to the apprenticeship guidance at the school and engage them. The solution is based on anonymity, so we respect the students’ wishes if they do not want help.

“We chose CompanYoung because from the very beginning, we perceived the company as a partner with great knowledge of young people and their activities on social media. We could see from their references that they had created great solutions for similar clients.”

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