Graduate Program

Attract talented young graduates with a goal-oriented media plan
The history

KMD, a supplier of software and IT solutions primarily for the public sector, has a fantastic graduate program to offer young professionals. However, they needed help getting the word out – while maintaining an attractive employer brand and being relevant to their target audience. With more than 3,000 employees and over 800 clients, it was an exciting task that CompanYoung was ready to take on. CompanYoung made it their goal to make young, talented graduates aware of KMD’s graduate program, then actively and consciously sign up.

This required an innovative and foolproof approach to branding KMD’s graduate program, including social media campaigns and optimisation of job advertising, with employee advocacy as the front-runner. The cooperation resulted in an attractive new graduate career site promoted through an array of social media channels. KMD’s new employer brand is centred around storytelling of the work culture and career opportunities.

The campaign continues to be highly successful – with Snapchat and video content being by far the most effective. KMD and CompanYoung look forward to continuing their collaboration in the future.

“At KMD, we are constantly looking to hire young IT professionals and CompanYoung has managed to guide us in the right direction to increase our chances of doing so.

Being excellent strategists and diligent doers at the same time, CompanYoung is a pleasure to work with. They consequently deliver the expected quality at the right time, and they are pleasant people to be around. I would recommend working with them at any time.”

– Signe Lærke Nørager, Head of Employer Branding, KMD