Maersk Line

Maersk Line


Targeted Marketing

Attract the right candidates to maritime education programs
The history

Maersk Line needed to attract talented, qualified candidates to their maritime education program with a quality recruitment campaign. The goal was to target youth by making an attractive offer, catching them at the right time.

CompanYoung started by conducting a focus group consisting of 10 cadets.
From here, they decided on 4 different personality profiles to target using social media.

Each profile represented a different kind of applicant Maersk Line was looking to recruit, and each required a unique communication approach. A branded attraction campaign was developed, including video content, Facebook and Snapchat advertisements. CompanYoung further supported the process with recruitment software that enabled Maersk Line to collect, organise and gain insights from each application.

Together, CompanYoung and Maersk Line succeeded in capturing the potential applicants’ attention. By being able to target and communicate with their audience specifically, Maersk Line saw not only an increase in applicants, but an increase in the right applicants.


We are very pleased with our cooperation with CompanYoung. We believe we have common goals which makes it essential that we work as a team to succeed. You can trust CompanYoung and they are honest about challenges, future scenarios etc., which are very important if you want to have a loyal partnership. Furthermore, I am very pleased with CompanYoung’s dedicated employees who always reply fast and professionally.”

– Kim Balsløv Jørgensen, Recruitment Partner, Maersk Line